Tutorial: Color Fill’s multiple purposes

Tutorial: Dodge and Burn with Curves

Tutorial: Blend Modes

Tutorial: High Pass Sharpening

Tutorial: “Removing the Haze” Unsharp Mask

Actor Database on Student Server

Hey guys, check out the VCP233 folder on the Student Server. Inside of it, I’ve created the actor database, a collection of actors and models in the area who have an interest in being in your photographs. I’ve included their basic information, contact email and/or number, and a few different photographs of them. The list […]

Tutorial: Auto-Align – Photoshop

Tutorial: Masking – Photoshop

3 Assignment: Inspiring Inspiration

Click here to download PDF of assignment Assignment: Inspiring Inspiration Due: Week 4 Some of you signed up for this course, already aware of the staged and constructed world of fictional photography. Others are only now being made aware of it. During this next week, I want you to dive deeper into what exists inside […]

Short Story Links

http://www.npr.org/series/105660765/three-minute-fiction – A collection of 3 minute short stories from the “All Things Considered” NPR program. It’s a great source to find fiction you could deconstruct, and also a perfect example for the length range your own story could be. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/361/fear-of-sleep – The Fear of Sleep episode—a good start to an amazing collection of stories on This American […]

Short Stories

Below are four possible short stories you can read and deconstruct. You are not bound to these stories, though. As per what the assignment says, choose anything you want to read and interpret (so long as it doesn’t have a movie made of it yet). These are here only as options. Tim Burton’s Exquisite Corpse – a […]

2 Assignment: The Mighty Pen

Click here to download PDF of assignment Part 1 Last week, you guys deconstructed a film to find the core narrative qualities in it, and how its visuals could best represent those ideas. This week, we do the same thing, but approaching a different method of storytelling: the written word. In the first part of […]

Gregory Crewdson

1 Assignment: Movie Deconstruction

Due: Week 2 This assignment will begin to gear you towards seeing cinema as a collection of still images. In reality, a movie is nothing more than a lot of photographs played in sequence. Some are transitional, while others are, to borrow the phrase, decisive moments. Choose any movie you wish to deconstruct. Yes, first […]