Completion – End of Semester Requirements

PLEASE READ! Final Portfolio (Web and Print-ready) – due May 7th You’ll be producing a final portfolio based on the InDesign document I showed in class. Click here for a pdf link to that portfolio document. Place your completed portfolio (both WEB and PRINT versions) on the student server > vcp233 > !final portfolios… (as […]

Assignment: Master Storyteller

Assignment: Master Storyteller Due: throughout With the completion of the crew shoot, the momentum shifts to individual shoots. You are still free to enlist the assistance of others to help on-location while making images, but everyone is now responsible for their own work, from conceptualizing, to producing, to post-production. There are five photographs due by […]

7 Assignment: Spring Break Shoot

Due: Week 9 This week you’ll group up again and create one composited photograph containing each member of the group. The image will be based on one idea that you all agree on. If you photographed indoors last week, then move outside this week. Divide out duties to each crew member and check with Marshall […]

6 Assignment: 3-Stage Lighting, Photo Story #2

Assignment: 3-Stage Lighting Exercise Due: Week 7 As we transition from the film and prose deconstruction, the stage of creating images gears up. This week we will create three demo horizontal photographs in class, and then you will create three of your own during the week. The first will be a headshot of a subject. […]

5 Assignment: Compositing

Last week we assembled at the Pickled Herring Pub for a huge photo shoot, thank you for your help! The images and videos have been posted to the VCP233 Student Server folder under “PH Shoot” This week I’ll show you some techniques on how to composite images together in Photoshop. We’ll talk about straightening images, […]

4 Assignment: Photo Story #1

Lecture: page 39 A History: Staging & Fiction IO Echo and Barney’s shoot – document images Colin Lewis Call Sheet Barneys Shoot Pickled Herring Shoot by Adam Jacono Portable Flash Kit Inventory MS Theatre Props Photos – you have permission to access this immense stockpile of antiques provided by Milburn Stone Theatre –  Contact Marshall B. […]

3 Assignment: Inspiring Inspiration

Click here to download PDF of assignment Assignment: Inspiring Inspiration Due: Week 4 Some of you signed up for this course, already aware of the staged and constructed world of fictional photography. Others are only now being made aware of it. During this next week, I want you to dive deeper into what exists inside […]

2 Assignment: The Mighty Pen

Click here to download PDF of assignment Part 1 Last week, you guys deconstructed a film to find the core narrative qualities in it, and how its visuals could best represent those ideas. This week, we do the same thing, but approaching a different method of storytelling: the written word. In the first part of […]

1 Assignment: Movie Deconstruction

Due: Week 2 This assignment will begin to gear you towards seeing cinema as a collection of still images. In reality, a movie is nothing more than a lot of photographs played in sequence. Some are transitional, while others are, to borrow the phrase, decisive moments. Choose any movie you wish to deconstruct. Yes, first […]