4 Assignment: Photo Story #1

Lecture: page 39 A History: Staging & Fiction

IO Echo and Barney’s shoot – document images

Colin Lewis Call Sheet Barneys Shoot

Pickled Herring Shoot by Adam Jacono

Portable Flash Kit Inventory

MS Theatre Props Photos – you have permission to access this immense stockpile of antiques provided by Milburn Stone Theatre –  Contact Marshall B. Garrett mgarrett@cecil.edu to set up an appointment. Be very nice to the theatre people. You’ll fill out a form for anything checked out.

Assignment: Photo Story #1
Due: Week 5

Last week, you created a short story and then produced a storyboard from your results. This week, we work in reverse. A reoccurring assignment this semester is creating photo stories. Five will be given out, one every two weeks.

Staged and constructed photographs are created from various inspirations and for different reasons. Some have a larger, text narratives surrounding this isolated event, while other photographs are snippets from a potential story that does not exist in any other medium. Regardless of what led to some of these images being created, there is a wonderful opportunity to approach work as a viewer and contribute your own opinion of what did, is, and will occur.

In this assignment, I will give you a photograph to base your fiction on. Create a short story to surround the image. Who are the characters? What is the dialogue? What leads up to the image you’re analyzing, and what happens after? At some point in your writing, the moment of the photograph must occur. You don’t need to be obvious with this moment, just be aware to include it in some way.

The story is due on February 9. Write the story in 12 point, Times New Roman, with 1” margins. 500-2,000 words. Print and submit.

The photograph is by Joel Peter-Witkin, click for a larger image.