Assignment: Master Storyteller

Assignment: Master Storyteller

Due: throughout

With the completion of the crew shoot, the momentum shifts to individual shoots. You are still free to enlist the assistance of others to help on-location while making images, but everyone is now responsible for their own work, from conceptualizing, to producing, to post-production. There are five photographs due by April 30, with an average of no less than one completed per week.

For the first two images, due April 2 and April 9, the content of each image can be completely self-contained. What this means is, try any idea you’d like for each of them. They function as single images that don’t look to other imagery to expand their meaning.

For the last three images, due April 16, 23, and 30, they must have some connecting factor to tie all three together into a series. This doesn’t specifically mean the same person in each photograph, or the same location, or the same action. Or it could mean all three. Each image should be able to function as a single image, but also fit in with each other when viewed as a group. Think of the photographers we’ve looked at in class. When viewing Gregory Crewdson’s work, images from Joel Peter-Witkin, or the ParkeHarrisons, each image has weight and substance unto itself, but with each turn of the page, the next image has a similar feel and message, and compliments the previous image. This is what creates a series. This does not mean three post-production variations on the same shoot. Each image must be of a different shoot.

You may also decide to produce all five images as one series (or four as a series). The minimum is three for the series, but if you want to be adventurous, go for it!

You are more than welcome to make more than one image a week. Use any times, locations, and actors when they are most feasible (herein I’m thinking of Laura’s group w/ the nuclear family portraits). Utilize the Theatre’s vast wardrobe and prop room as needed, just remember to give Marshall ( prior notice before heading over, and be sure to return all borrowed items promptly, so others can have access to the range of options as well. Also, don’t forget to utilize the Actor Database on the server (?), for an assortment of potential people you can cast in your photographs.

Submit a Project Credits Report for each image. We will be critiquing 8.5”x11” prints each week in class. Additionally, upload an unflattened PSD file of your images into the appropriate assignment folder each week. If you have storyboards, word trees, stories, or other items you used in creating each photograph, submit these with your print, as well. Looking forward to them!



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