6 Assignment: 3-Stage Lighting, Photo Story #2

Assignment: 3-Stage Lighting Exercise

Due: Week 7

As we transition from the film and prose deconstruction, the stage of creating images gears up. This week we will create three demo horizontal photographs in class, and then you will create three of your own during the week. The first will be a headshot of a subject. The second image will be a waist-up portrait up a subject. The third will be a full body environmental portrait. Each image will be lit with strobe lights for the subject, with extra lighting as needed as the scene widens from shot to shot. Sunlight, both direct and indirect, will be secondary light within the photographs. All photographs are in the same location.

Using the headshot lighting as our key example for how the subject should be lit, each widening shot will attempt to maintain this lighting integrity while introducing any other lights to the location as needed. Be sure to always make one extra photograph at the end without any lights or subject within the frame, so you can “harvest” from this image as needed.

This exercise will establish key lighting approaches, in addition to thinking of post-production while configuring your lighting. You have two options: hide the lights during the shoot, or allow them to be photographed and then removed in post-production. The primarily goal should always be the best light possible, so that is what we will address in-class. Stands may be in the frame and removed later.

When making these photographs, use a tripod so the composition never wavers. Make sure you have image stabilization turned off. Use manual exposure so the settings never change from one image to the next. Pay attention to cloud coverage as you establish your lighting, and maintain this proper cloud coverage when making your photos.

You will work in groups of four to create four sets of three photographs of your own. A member of the group will be the subject for another member of the group, and so on. Assign who is photographing whom amongst yourself. Three things you’ll emerge from this assignment with is a headshot, waist-up, and full body environmental portrait of your subject. The goal will be the quality of light in each image. Submit all three unflattened PSD files to the server and bring prints of each to critique next week in class.

Assignment: Photo Story #2

Due: Week 7

The next photograph to write a short story about is from Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, Bloodroot.

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