7 Assignment: Spring Break Shoot

Due: Week 9

This week you’ll group up again and create one composited photograph containing each member of the group. The image will be based on one idea that you all agree on. If you photographed indoors last week, then move outside this week. Divide out duties to each crew member and check with Marshall in the MS props department for materials.

Use the portable flash kits in Adam’s office and be sure to sign them out w/ a lab monitor. You’ll make only one image between the four of you, so you may choose to all provide a digital editing hand, or delegate it to one crew member. In addition to the image, delegate someone to video the process. Make a 30-second teaser of the event.

Due March 26: 

1 composited image

1 30 second video

Complete and submit a Project Report

Complete and submit a Crew Evaluation

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