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Completion – End of Semester Requirements

PLEASE READ! Final Portfolio (Web and Print-ready) – due May 7th You’ll be producing a final portfolio based on the InDesign document I showed in class. Click here for a pdf link to that portfolio document. Place your completed portfolio (both WEB and PRINT versions) on the student server > vcp233 > !final portfolios… (as […]

Storyboarding For People Who Can’t Draw (like me!)

Cristina De Middel, Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2013

http://vimeo.com/album/2353008/video/64393165 Cristina De Middel, Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2013 A collection of video interviews with the shortlisted artists from the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2013, which takes place at The Photographers’ Gallery in London from 19 April – 30 June 2013.

Nico Nordström – Conceptual Portraits

“I want people to take a moment from their crazy lives and live in these imaginary, dreamlike worlds I’ve created,” says photography student Nico Nordström, known on Flickr as Nico Nordström. “Because that’s what my work has done for me,” she tells The Weekly Flickr in this week’s episode. “It’s been an escape — healing […]

Art Wolfe: The Human Canvas – Process

Art Wolfe: The Human Canvas – Process click the image or here for the video link

Assignment: Master Storyteller

Assignment: Master Storyteller Due: throughout With the completion of the crew shoot, the momentum shifts to individual shoots. You are still free to enlist the assistance of others to help on-location while making images, but everyone is now responsible for their own work, from conceptualizing, to producing, to post-production. There are five photographs due by […]

7 Assignment: Spring Break Shoot

Due: Week 9 This week you’ll group up again and create one composited photograph containing each member of the group. The image will be based on one idea that you all agree on. If you photographed indoors last week, then move outside this week. Divide out duties to each crew member and check with Marshall […]

6 Assignment: 3-Stage Lighting, Photo Story #2

Assignment: 3-Stage Lighting Exercise Due: Week 7 As we transition from the film and prose deconstruction, the stage of creating images gears up. This week we will create three demo horizontal photographs in class, and then you will create three of your own during the week. The first will be a headshot of a subject. […]

5 Assignment: Compositing

Last week we assembled at the Pickled Herring Pub for a huge photo shoot, thank you for your help! The images and videos have been posted to the VCP233 Student Server folder under “PH Shoot” This week I’ll show you some techniques on how to composite images together in Photoshop. We’ll talk about straightening images, […]

4 Assignment: Photo Story #1

Lecture: page 39 A History: Staging & Fiction IO Echo and Barney’s shoot – document images Colin Lewis Call Sheet Barneys Shoot Pickled Herring Shoot by Adam Jacono Portable Flash Kit Inventory MS Theatre Props Photos – you have permission to access this immense stockpile of antiques provided by Milburn Stone Theatre –  Contact Marshall B. […]

Photographs from Yeondoo Yung

Here’s someone to check out. His name is Yeondoo Yung. His “Wonderland” series is a great example of storytelling, based off of children’s drawings! http://www.yeondoojung.com

Tutorial: B-Shaw

Tutorial: Intricate Masking, Photo Filter

Here is a video tutorial covering the extended tattoo masking, where we even picked out which arm to include on her, in addition to introducing a visible lighting element on the content. Photoshop Tutorial: Masking, Photo Filter from Andy Bloxham on Vimeo.

Books in the Library

We have some beautiful books from contemporary image makers in our very own Cecil Library. Here’s an abridged listing: “Beneath the Roses” by Gregory Crewdson “Body Land” by Arno Minkkinen “Diane Arbus Revelations” <– a classic series from the 1970’s “Simen Johan” Dan Winters and on NPR Kahn and Selesnick Erwin Olaf Nick Brandt Loretta Lux […]