Meet @ 2pm on March 7th!! Week 7 assignment


Week 6 Assignment: 6 x 6 + Mid-Semester Portfolio

We are going to create a class project where you each work individually to create one final product. You will receive four topics, from those topics you are to interpret them and create a 6 inch x 6 inch layout. In the end you will have four 6″ x 6″ squares. We will take those four squares and add them to your classmates squares, so we will have a total of 16 squares on a poster. The title of the poster project will be 6 x 6. We can print this large poster for the student show. The description with the poster will say:

“6 x 6 is a compilation of interpretations created by members of the graphic design studio class during the 2011 fall semester at Cecil College. Students received topic sand produced art that reflected their interpretations. The only restriction was that the final product had to be 6 inches by 6 inches, and one design was required to include typography. The results speak for themselves.”

Here are your four topics:

1. Purposefully Imperfect

2. Thriving on Differences

3. Type is Passion

4. Narrative Design


Do what you need to do to interpret and understand these topics, research, image search and figure out what they mean to you. From there decide what you will do to create your 6 x 6 inch layout. You will have one layout for each of the topics. You may use photography or illustration, but be sure it is your own photography or illustration – no stock imagery. The only other requirement is that one design must have typography included in it. Although only one is required to have type, all of them can have type if you want.

For next week, Wednesday, February 29 by 2 p.m. please have rough drafts for your four 6′ x 6′ inch layouts with a detailed design description. Please let me know of any questions or concerns. Let me know if you need anything clarified.

Mid-semester portfolio due to include:

  • Final Directions Poster
  • Final Backpack Design
  • Final Poster Design
  • Rough drafts of 6 x 6

For this week you will just need to combine all of your pdfs into a portfolio. I do not want you to print them at this point, we will just print files at the end that will go into the show.


I would like you to include a cover page for each assignment that includes:

1.  Your project description (can come from your assignment posting)

2. Any improvements you made

3. What you think is successful about the project

4. What you think is not successful about the project


You can use InDesign to create your portfolio or you can create a multiple page PDF through Acrobat Pro, which is available on all the lab computers if you do not have it at home. I am attaching a picture of how to combine your PDF files. After opening Acrobat choose Create PDF > Merge Files into a Single PDF…


From there you can arrange and rearrange the file order.


6 x 6 Grading Criteria:

Maximum Points

Part one:Successful design and conceptual solution.


Communicated information in a manner that is clear and complete, leaving no information implied.


PDF file saved accurately and in correct location.


Part Two: Provided a clear, accurate and concise design statements.


Participated in the discussion by providing a critique of classmates’ projects.