Week 3: Backpack Design Assignment

For our second project we are going to do a Threadless  design contest.

If you have never been on Threadless, take a look around. There are a lot of fun designs to look through.

Your challenge:

Your challenge is to create an awesome design for a backpack!

Durable, spacious, and best of all, hands-free! Backpacks are truly the zenith of analog carrying technology.

Submit a design for the supreme stuff-transportation device that is the backpack so we can add “fashionable” to its already long list of impressive traits.

Your design will go on the front panel of the backpack. Design with 4 colors or less and keep in mind that this fabric can’t take too much detail. Most of all, make it awesome.

Download the Backpacks template here.

Up for grabs (if you want to enter your submission on threadless.com they are due by Feb. 6th):

  • $500 cash
  • A backpack with your design STUFFED with Threadless goodies

Other chosen designs will receive:

  • $250 cash

For class purposes, you will submit a JPG of your rough draft by 2 p.m. on Wednesday, February 8. Also include a written description of your project like you did in week one. The subject of your design is wide open, so be sure to explain your purpose and your meaning behind your design. Remember, these designs must only use 4 colors. You can review samples of submitted designs at http://www.threadless.com/submissions/designs,Backpacks/showme,intherunning,completed,printed/comproll,134, but make sure your designs are original after viewing others’ work. 
Assignment 3 Grading Criteria:

Maximum Points

Successful design and conceptual solution.


Communicated information in a manner that is clear and complete, leaving no information implied.


JPG file saved accurately and in correct location.


Provided a clear, accurate and concise design statement.


Participated in the discussion by providing a critique of classmates’ projects.