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Class 9 – Frames and Photo Galleries


Several web pages can be displayed in the same browser window.

Special Note: Will be obsolete in the future.

Pros and cons – a good reference:


Used to display a webpage into a webpage.

Good Reference:

Example: embedding google map

Activity 1: Add an Iframe to an html document.

Step one: Have an html document you are pulling content from or you can use an outside source like Google. Keep in mind this violates some copyright laws, so you have to check with each site individually before linking.

Step two:Add code to html document where you want to embed the iframe:

<iframe src=”filename.html” iframe name=”nameofframe” height=”250″ width=”600″ frameborder=”0″ vspace=”0″ hspace=”0″ scrolling=”no or yes” allowtransparency=”true”>You need a Frames Capable browser to view this content.</iframe>

Activity 2:

Step by step how-to with instructor – Create a photo gallery using iframes

Activity 3:

Step by step how-to with instructor – Recreating a frame site using DIVS

Homework due 11/2/16

  1. Finish Remington Bulldog site: link sub pages, create sub pages, change all pictures and headlines on all subpages
  2. Create an iframe thumbnail gallery